2019 Partner Conference Registration

For the first time in Partner Conference history… Credible is pleased to introduce you to Mark Lukach, our Tuesday Morning Keynote Speaker!

Mark Lukach, the author of the internationally best-selling memoir, "My Lovely Wife In The Psych Ward". Statistics suggest that 1 in 4 American families are touched by mental illness, but most treatments of mental illness focus solely on the person with the diagnosis. But the true experience of mental illness is shared as a family, and as such, should be approached that way in times of crisis and recovery. Mr. Lukach will be focusing on how bipolar disorder unexpectedly crashed into his and Giulia’s lives, with Giulia’s terrifying plunge into psychosis and suicidal depression, and then return to normalcy… followed by two more episodes. Throughout, Mark and Giulia had to work together, as husband and wife, and also as parents, to thrive as a family in the face of mental illness diagnosis.

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